Warrant Sheds Some Light On Tour Dates


April 25, 2008

Warrant’s webmaster has issued the following statement concerning the band’s summer tour dates:

Hey Warrant fans!
This is Noel the web guy. In hopes to make things easier on everyone, I wanted to give you an update for all the questions you’ve been submitting.

I talked to Jerry the other day and the booking agent has been sending him completely new sets of summer tour dates every week, yet they are not finalized. They don’t want to release the dates until they are 100% final so as not to confuse fans in cities that get bumped. So, I’m sorry to say but as of right now, I have NO tour news for you. Jerry and Erik will send them to me the moment they get them and I will in turn update this page. Please continue to check back and understand that we’re just as anxious as you are.

Several bands have been writing in asking about getting an opening slot. Please contact the booking agents or venues for that info.

I will be at Rocklahoma taking fan photos and video clips for the myspace page. I’m also working on getting a hand full of things to give away. If you plan to go, and want to know what I look like so you can find me, hit me up on my page http://www.myspace.com/webguynoel

We’ve put together this Q&A in hopes to answer some of the more common emails you send us.

Q) Is this a fan site, or do the band members actually read and respond to my emails?
A) Erik does a great job reading at responding to most of the emails that you send. Some simple questions are also read and answered by Noel (web master). Noel will leave all personal messages for Erik unless otherwise specifically noted. Joey and Jerry have their own Myspace pages and yes, it really is them.

Q) When will Warrant play near me?
A) If your city is not listed in our current tour dates, then there are no confirmed plans at this time. If you would like to see Warrant play near you, contact your local rock club and let them know! If they have enough requests, they are likely to book a show.

Q) Will you add me to your friends list?
A) Yes, just click on the ADD TO FRIENDS and it will be approved shortly.

Q) Will you put me in your top list?
A) The top list is made up of personal friends of the band and approved by Erik Turner. If someone new gets added, it’s because Erik has wanted them there.

Q) Will you join my Myspace Group?
A) We’ve stopped accepting group requests. We never had the time to check on them anyway.

Q) Will you put my favorite song on the player so I can post it on my page?
A) All songs in the player are approved by Erik himself.

Q) Will you send me an autographic and/or guitar pick?
A) Although this may not sound like an expensive request to you, if we did this for every request we received, we’d be broke. If you attend a show, you have a chance at getting a pick from the stage, and we’ll sign things and take photos with you during the meet and greet. If you won’t make it to a show, they’re all available at www.warrantweb.net

Q) Will Warrant play my event?
A) For all booking questions, please contact W.M.A./ Craig Mogil and Brian Adern cmogil@wma.com

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/warrantband