Warren DeMartini against Bobby Blotzer using Ratt name

Warren DeMartini against Bobby Blotzer using Ratt name

Ratt guitarist Warren DeMartini has broken his silence with respect to the use of the Ratt name by drummer Bobby Blotzer.

Speaking to Blabbermouth, DeMartini stated (with slight edits): “Back in March, Bob Blotzer phoned me and said he wanted to form a Ratt tribute band and call it something like ‘…Ratt Experience.’ I suggested he not use Ratt in the title and call it something like Bob’s Cellar as Ratt‘s debut record, Out Of The Cellar, has rounded its third decade. He said something to the effect that he wanted to use Ratt in the title ‘like Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience.’ I said I had no problem with him playing songs he recorded with Ratt, but I didn’t agree to him using the name in the title. He used it anyway.”

DeMartini added (with slight edits): “Now he is soliciting his tribute band as Ratt which he is completely unauthorized to do. I am totally against it, and steps are being taken to prevent any further misuse of the name as well as representation about future Ratt performances.”

On September 23, 2015, Blotzer announced that he was taking over the Ratt name. His press release (with slight edits) indicated in part: “After a five year battle over trademark issues… doing everything he could to appease and re-assemble the band, Bobby Blotzer, the CEO of WBS, Inc. has taken control of the Ratt brand and is taking his multi-platinum Ratt back on the road, bringing fans the songs they love and shows they’ve missed… continuing to build upon Ratt‘s legendary legacy! Ratt-n-roll forever! Current tour dates are scheduled with major swings through the Mid-West, Southeast, South, Northeast and Canada. Stay tuned for more cities and dates being added each day.”

The new Ratt band that Blotzer assembled was the same line-up that made up his Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience and consists of Blotzer; lead guitarist Blaze; lead singer Josh Alan; rhythm and lead guitarist Doc Ellis and bassist Scotty Griffin.