Warrior Soul Sign To Transcend Records


April 13, 2009

TranscendRecords (www.transcendrecords.com) announce a clutch of exciting new signings to bolster theiralready impressive artist roster. New deals have been signed with thefollowing acts Cinders Fall, Idiom and Warrior Soul.

Transcend’smain man Rob Ferguson said “I am really excited about the prospect ofworking with these three awesome bands. They represent the continuingdevelopment of our Rock and Metal music stable which is brimming withtalent and quality product. Our roster reflects our policy of blendinglegendary established talent with the best of fresh and breaking acts”

Warrior Soul:
Iconicfrontman Kory Clarke’s vision permeates the proceedings: The band hecreated, Warrior Soul, which started from his spoken word performanceson New York City’s Lower East Side. From the trippy Doors-influenceddebut to some of the punk-oriented and metal material, Kory is a man ona mission, combining tradition with avant-garde creativity. We have asneaking suspicion that the best may be yet to come…


Cinders Fall:
It’salways good to see a British band with so much promise – and CindersFall has that in spades. For a young band, they spew forth one hell ofa cultivated sound that could easily be confused for In Flames or DarkTranquility when they were more metal and less progressive. They reallyunderstand what makes a great song, and they know how to use a greatriff and garnish it with all the right harmonies and solos…these boyswill go a long way.


Thisband is a breath of fresh air for the Metal scene in fact it’s morelike a hurricane! Exeter four-piece Idiom is at the forefront of thewelcomed 2009 rock-rap revival. Formed in Devon in 2005, thehard-working collective take influence from bands as diverse andeclectic as Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, SiKth, System Of A Downand Deftones


Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.transcendrecords.com