Wednesday 13 Is Ready To Regain Control Of His Music


January 15, 2008

After a tumultuous 2 years, a serious car accident and some bad business that has come back to haunt him, Wednesday 13 is ready to regain control of his music, his career and his life.

April 2008 Wednesday 13 will release his long awaited full-length, “Skeletons”, as well as a new EP entitled “Bloodwork”.

The reason for the dual release, is that “Skeletons” is the most introspective release of Wednesday 13’s to date. Most of the topics on the release, while having horror overtones, delve into Wednesday 13’s personal life, troubles and his self-predicted, eventual demise.

The “Bloodwork EP” will feature some acoustic songs, along with the typical, campy Wednesday 13 music, that did not quite fit the tone of “Skeletons”.

The twist on these releases is that Wednesday 13 will self-release the CD’s in N. America, but will partner with a label overseas for distribution.

4 1/2 months into negotiating a worldwide deal with some of the key record labels still around, watching the vast changes in the music world, and seeing many artists self-releasing their music, Wednesday 13 decided to follow suit and ended all negotiating. By self releasing his music, Wednesday 13 will be able to keep control of his art, and be able to give more to his fans. No longer will he need to ask permission to do certain things or have to wait 12 – 16 months to release new music.

Wednesday 13 kicks off the All American Massacre Tour January 28, 2008 in Miami, Fl. The touring line-up includes Nate Manor, Acey Slade, J-Sin Trioxin and Jonny Chops.

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