Wednesday 13 Offers Update Regarding Live CD/DVD


August 15, 2008

Wednesday 13 recently recorded his show in Allentown, PA to be released as a live dvd/cd in October 2008, title “F**k It, We’ll Do It Live”

This will be the first official live recording from the artist.

“First of let me say this is a live recording, this is not a live recording where we went back into the studio and overdubbed guitar parts or vocals. This is us.. LIVE! If we make a mistake, you will hear it. If my voice cracks, you hear it. This is as close to a live experience as we could give. “F**k It, We’ll Do It Live” will come out in the states thru Hot Topic, and the usual digital haunts in late October. We are in negotiations to have it released overseas in time for the Halloween run as well.”

‘I have recently heard the rough mixes of the audio and love the way it’s turning out. It’s been hard touring, working on this project and getting ready for some other projects, but we have a great group of people from the Allentown, PA area who are kicking ass mixing, editing and doing everything they can to help! And that is part of the reason we did the recording there. Thank you to the promoter, Frank Phobia, and his crew for helping out with the recording and now taking on all the additional work!”.

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