Wednesday 13 To Begin Recording New Bourbon Crow CD


November 11, 2008

Wednesday 13 and Rayen Belchere will return to the studio this December to record the sophomore release for Bourbon Crow.

Commented Wednesday 13 “In August, I had originally started writing a new Wednesday 13 cd. I had written 2 or 3 songs, but I didn’t want to rush out a cd. I have released 4 items this year – Weirdo, Skeletons, Bloodwork and the F**k It dvd/cd. While writing the new Wednesday 13 material, I found myself writing new Bourbon Crow songs. After talking to Rayen we came up with roughly 30 new Bourbon Crow songs. These songs were coming together naturally, without having to force anything. It has been a good, relaxing experience. We had a lot of friends reach out saying that if we do another recording they would like to play on it, so we will see what happens.”

Wednesday 13 has some touring commitments for Feb and March of 2009, but plans to put a band together to tour behind the new Bourbon Crow release. “I look forward to hitting the road with this project. We plan to do some dates in the States in April/May and then hopefully going overseas in the Autumn. I look forward to playing live again with Rayen and putting together a new band to bring these songs to life. These songs are different from the last Bourbon Crow cd. We are not labeling this a country cd, but it’s more of a “southern” cd. Some of these songs will fit the country model while some may end up being more of a southern rock vibe. Some have the tongue and cheek vibe of the last cd, some are honest songs. It will be hard to categorize what genre this is, so we are calling it a southern cd.”

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