Wendy Dio has found all sorts of demos from Ronnie James Dio that probably no one has ever heard

Wendy Dio has found all sorts of demos from Ronnie James Dio that probably no one has ever heard

Ronnie James Dio‘s widow Wendy Dio was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice and she discussed the upcoming Dio Hologram Tour, the upcoming Dio documentary and unreleased material.

In terms of the status of the upcoming Dio documentary, Wendy Dio advised:

“We just started shooting, we did interviews last week with a few people, with me, with some technical people and with Geezer Butler and we will continue to shoot in between the tour. Hopefully that should be out by next year, We started with Geezer Butler who was obviously Ronnie‘s best friend from Black Sabbath and we will probably do some interviews with the band  while we are on tour and all the people that were close to Ronnie. People that played with Ronnie or influenced by Ronnie and also his childhood years and then going right away through his time with Elf, with Rainbow and with Black Sabbath. I have so much footage  people have never seen. I got unseen super 8 stuff.

I found a whole huge box with stuff from his childhood, from the Rainbow days, behind the scenes stuff, all in a big box which I’m getting it now transferred  so that we can actually view it. A lot of these are super 8’s were at Ronnie’s parents house and when they passed away Ronnie and I went there and took it. I also found a whole bunch of tapes of Ronnie, demos of his songs, in his own studio and we had all these tapes which I had no idea what they were there. Demo stuff  that probably no one has never heard before or it’s the beginnings of songs or it’s songs you know that haven’t been finished or I have been finished, this is a treasure trove. So we will go through songs and hopefully put some of those out on bonus material on the summer releases that BMG‘s putting out of Ronnie which starts actually later this year. For the documentary we’re hoping for theater release.”

In regard to unreleased live recordings, Wendy Dio indicated: “There is  so much live music that I have from so many different shows, yeah we  probably go through it all and find the best of what we’ve got there because Ronnie obviously wouldn’t  put out  something out that he felt was inferior.”

You can read other excerpts of the interview with Wendy Dio at The Metal Voice‘s website or listen to the interview below:

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