Wett Cherry and Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D’s new EP ‘Secret Files 3’ now available

Wett Cherry and Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D’s new EP ‘Secret Files 3’ now available

New York rocker Dennis DiNunzio has released a new solo EP titled Secret Files 3 via the record label Dragon City Demo.

Track List for Secret Files 3:
01. Set The World Afire
02. Miracle Man
03. Its So Easy
04. U Got It

Dragon City Demo‘s Bandcamp page indicates (with slight edits):

“If Dennis DiNunzio isn’t the most accomplished, hardest working guitarist in New York since Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, who is? Having worked and collaborated with multi platinum and diamond recording artists such as Theater World award winner Adam Pascal (Queen, Rent, Elton John, Aida), Keith Caputo (Life of Agony), P Diddy, Lil Kim, Notorious BIG and fathers of black metal the legendary Mayhem. He has certainly earned it with battle tested blood and sweat. We are proud to release the senior collection of personal and until now private guitar tracks by the diverse musician from The Hellrats, Tiger Claws, Wett Cherry and Steel Mountain Crossing.

From impromptu auditions to under the radar fill ins, Secret Files 3 features his guitar tracks with music from Ozzy Osbourne, Ratt, Dio, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper and Whitesnake.

Raised on John Coltrane with mentor Delores Rhoads, the Tri State area has much to be proud of. He is the sergeant of arms of a guitar player who has served it well and worldwide for decades with the talent and recordings to prove it.

“It was a pleasure to offer assistance and dedicate that piece of time and my playing to these artists. I am still a fan. Thank you to everyone who helped make these recordings possible.”

” A very thorough guitar player” – Lemmy Kilmister

” Nice guitar wanna join a band” – GG Allin