Wett Cherry unleash second single “Crazy Jane” from upcoming debut album

Wett Cherry unleash second single “Crazy Jane” from upcoming debut album

New York rockers Wett Cherry featuring Tiger Claws and ex-Steel Mountain Crossing guitarist Dennis DiNunzio have released their second single titled “Crazy Jane” from their upcoming debut album The High And Divine.

Dragon City Demo‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

Wett Cherry‘s debut album The High And Divine already is receiving airplay in 10 top U.S. cities. Producers Jason Futterman and Alex Santiago help bring out the band’s retro 80s vibe, paying homage to Mötley Crüe, etc with its sing-along lyrics and references to the counterculture generation.

It makes sense that all of the musicians — featuring former Steel Mountain Crossing guitarist /shredder Dennis DiNunzio, drummer Kevin Grisso, pansexual singer Andy/Andrea Jaggs, and bassist Bobby Hahm — are all from the tri-state area. Clearly, the band members were influenced by NikkiMick, Vince, and Tommy. While three of the members are new to the rock scene, Dennis DiNunzio aka Dennis D previously played with Adam Pascal, Mina Caputo, Notorious B.I.G. and Mayhem.

Few debut albums (or groups) have been met with such a warm reception. After years of touring bars and small clubs in the U.S., Wett Cherry will spend the next three months recording. Vanity Fair is doing a one-page feature on the band next month. We are proud to release a second single entitled “Crazy Jane” from the forthcoming record The High And Divine available this spring at dragoncitydemo.bandcamp.com.”