What does Ace Frehley have to say about rumours of him rejoining KISS in 2017

What does Ace Frehley have to say about rumours of him rejoining KISS in 2017

Rumours are apparently circulating that former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will be rejoining KISS for a third tour of duty in 2017.

ace-frehley-photoHeavy metal mogul and radio personality Eddie Trunk recently spoke about the rumours and specifically asked Frehley about them as he stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

“But as of September 15th of this year, Ace Frehley has celebrated 10 years of sobriety so I am really happy for my old friend. That is a great accomplishment for him and it certainly shows in his personality, his playing, and we had a great time at the PlayStation here in New York [on September 23, 2016]. I hosted a show with him on Friday. He’ll continue playing. Check your local listings. He’s out there right now playing for the next week or two. And there are rampant rumours out there that Ace is going to return to KISS next year and these are not rumours that I am putting out by the way. I have not said anything about that one way or the other but I am hearing from so many people that keep saying, ‘Yeah. They’re going to ask him back. He’s going to do one last tour with them in 2017.’

So of course, I get in the dressing room and the first person I went up to is Ace. ‘You realize that everybody out there is saying that you’re going back to KISS, right?’ And in typical Ace fashion, he’s like, [impersonating Ace] ‘Ah Ah. Well, I don’t know anything ’bout it.’ [Laughs] And I say, ‘Be straight with me. Nobody’s called you. You don’t know anything.’ And he’s, ‘No.’ He said, ‘I’d do it but nobody’s called me.’ So that’s — he may be the last to know. Who knows? But I wasn’t able to, to, to find any real information ’cause Ace says that he’s heard the rumblings but he hasn’t received any calls. I think the exact quote was something to the effect of [impersonating Ace] ‘Nobody’s called my fucking phone.’ [Laughs] I think that was the exact response with me asking. So of course, anything changes, I’ll let you know.”

– YouTube

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