“What’s a load in?” — Metal Sludge calls out Todd La Torre

“What’s a load in?” — Metal Sludge calls out Todd La Torre

A Tweet coming from Queensrÿche frontman Todd La Torre‘s Twitter account apparently struck a cord with Metal Sludge principal and Tuff lead vocalist / band leader Stevie Rachelle.

A few days ago, a photo of the shoes and a portion of the legs of a seemingly comfortably seated person in what appeared to be some sort of limousine was “tweeted” from La Torre‘s Twitter account with the following wording:

“Just me, myself, and I off to the venue 

What’s a load-in?”

The first line ended with a ‘thumbs up’ emoji.

Rachelle penned an article for Metal Sludge titled “WHAT’S A LOAD-IN? … An Open Letter to Todd La Torre of Queensryche” which states in part:

“A “Load-in” is where hard working, committed and dedicated individuals, both men and women, work at an entertainment venue to coordinate and detail all that needs to happen to make that night’s, or perhaps that week’s show(s) happen.

People who drive trucks, vans, buses, and trailers all help with the “Load-in”.

People who lift heavy cases along with the P.A., lighting rigs and related items that have to be put into place for the show all help with the “Load-in”.

There are also those who help “Load-in” merchandise, food, drinks, catering supplies and items as requested by the touring band or group, so their performers are comfortable and capable to do their jobs as entertainers.

A “Load-in” is something that happens nearly every single day, at music clubs across the U.S. and around the world.

Similarly, a much bigger version of the “Load-in” happens at Theaters for Plays, Arenas for Car Shows and Stadiums for Sporting events too.

The “Load-in” takes place with local and cover bands in middle America, and it also happens for shows featuring mega acts like The Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses.

A “Load-in” is something that… if it’s not done… well… simply put… there is no show.

Sitting in a limo on your way to the show, after relaxing in your Hotel room that afternoon is all good, kudos to you.

But posting “What’s a Load-In” is arrogant.

No one likes an arrogant cunt who shows up wearing sun-glasses and walks on stage to a capacity crowd cheering as the fans fawn over your ability to hit the scream in “Queen Of The Ryche.”

Especially after countless people worked all day to make that happen, for you – while you sat in a limo Tweeting “What’s a Load-in?

And when I typed no one… I am speaking for those who did the “Load-in”… every day, at every gig, in every city, on every tour – while you were in your Hotel room.

Acting smug and arrogant is nothing to boast about.

It’s even more arrogant when you’re the “Fill-in” guy to boot.

Do you know what the “Fill-in” guy is?

It’s the same thing you were in that other National Recording Artist you joined, also after the fact… after all the heavy lifting of building a brand from the ground up was already done… I believe they were called Crimson Glory.

For the record, I am 1 of those who does the “Load-in” too.

Singer or not, leader or not, bandana or not, I have never been above the “Load-in”, ever.

I did it in 1985 and 1989… I also did it in 1991 while signed to Atlantic Records and on MTV.

I did it at every show, in every city, in every country – in some form or fashion – for the last 36 years as a performer.

I also understand that not everyone is required, needed or is expected to take part in the “Load-in”, but your comment sucks and your careless words diminish the hard work of so many others.

Congrats on your gig, fronting an iconic band, with a vast history of great music (none of which you were involved with creating) that was built from nothing… by 5 young men not named Todd La Torre.

I bet if you asked them, “What’s a Load-in”, they could tell you.

Don’t take that gig, the limo rides, or not being part of the “Load-in” for granted bro.

A little humility might help you go further, think about it.

Stevie Rachelle

You can read the rest of Rachelle‘s “Open letter” to La Torre at Metal Sludge‘s website.