White Flame Return With ‘Cougar’

White Flame Return With ‘Cougar’

November 20, 2012

White Flame’s new album ‘Cougar’ serves a portion of universal rock ecstasy to meet everyone’s taste. It’s a diverse and surprising album full of dynamics, fierceness, skills and groove. It’s classic hard rock with modern sounds to fulfill the gap of American style guitar rock played by Finnish bands.

Released on November 16th, the 12 track release includes the hit single “The Look”, which had over 20000 Youtube views on it’s release week, and the first single of the album, “I Know Where You Live”.

White Flame is giving it’s best shot with groovy riffs, catchy arrangements and quality production. Recorded in Sweden with production guru Chris Laney, the band’s third studio album introduces a new side of the group to fans of various styles and genres. Great vocal parts and the joy of playing carries through the whole album with unique and unqualified attitude which the Finnish music industry really needs!

White flame has previously released the albums ‘Yesterday’s News’ (2007) and ‘Tour Bus Diaries’ (2009) in Europe, and a compilation album called ‘RockHard’ (2009) in Japan.

Details on purchasing ‘Cougar’ can be found at www.whiteflamemusic.com.

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