White Lion’s Mike Tramp Pays Tribute To Ronnie James Dio On New Single

White Lion’s Mike Tramp Pays Tribute To Ronnie James Dio On New Single

September 19, 2010

White Lion's Mike Tramp Pays Tribute To Ronnie James Dio On New SingleMike Tramp, former frontman of White Lion and Freak of Nature, has together with his Rock’n’Roll Circuz band created a beautiful tribute of epic proportion to the late Ronnie James Dio. The song clocking in at almost 9 minutes long, takes you through a magical journey of RJD’s life, and you will be left breathless at the end.

The track will premier September 27th on Eddie Trunks satellite Radio show in USA and Canada. Immediately following the broadcast, fans will be able to download the 9 minute track from www.eddietrunk.com exclusively for the following week.There after Mike Tramp permits anyone to place the song on their website for free download. The song and “Download-Player” will be available from www.miketramp.com

Tramp wrote and recorded the song while recording his new album “2nd Act”, with his Rock’n’Roll Circuz, due out next year. Tramps says that the song always needed to stand by it self and never felt that he could include it in any form for commercial album. This song belongs to all of Ronnie’s fans, it’s not just a tribute, it’s a Hymn, something much more sacred to fit the man with the true voice of rock’n’roll.

Tramp got to tour with Dio in 1993 and speaks of Ronnie as a gentle man who wouldn’t hurt a fly and who spoke from the heart and made you feel welcome in his company. Tramp is an enormous Rainbow fan because of Ronnie James Dio and the same goes for Sabbath. Ronnie brought so much melody to heavy metal, it was a great change. Tramp says that with Ronnie gone, so is the space and throne he occupied, and no one can and will replace him or even fill his shoes. Now let’s keep his rock’n’roll alive, always.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.miketramp.com