Whitesnake add singer Dino Jelusick to line-up

Whitesnake add singer Dino Jelusick to line-up

Big news in the Whitesnake camp as former Animal Drive frontman Dino Jelusick is now a part of the legendary band. It is not exactly clear in what capacity that Jelusick will be in the group but one assumes that he will be sharing the lead vocal duties with long-time frontman and band founder David Coverdale. Jelusick will be taking part in Whitesnake‘s upcoming The Farewell Tour MMXXII.

The following message was posted on Jelusick‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“I am beyond honoured to be part of one of my favourite bands of all time. To get the phone call from David Coverdale is something every singer and musician of my generation can only dream of, it still feels completely surreal. I cannot wait to start hitting the road with Whitesnake and as the great DC said to me himself, to give a piece of my identity to the sound of this iconic band.”

Whitesnake‘s website indicates in part:

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome the extremely gifted DINO JELUSICK to Whitesnake. We’ve had our eyes & ears on him since we played Zagreb together 2 years ago. You’re going to love him!” – David Coverdale

Dino Jelusick is a singer/multi-instrumentalist from Croatia. He is a member of multi platinum selling band Trans-Siberian Orchestra and was previously part of Dirty Shirley (with George Lynch), Animal Drive and recorded with many others. Dino has been singing, touring and recording since the age of 5. Other than being a frontman, his main instrument are keyboards but he also plays bass, guitar and drums. He finished music academy and did theatre work.”

In terms of the dispute between Italian record label Frontiers Music Srl and Jelusick where the former alleges that it contractually has the rights to the exclusive services of the latter for recordings, Whitesnake did release their last two studio albums Forevermore and Flesh & Blood via Frontiers Music Srl.

Although this is pure speculation on the part of Sleaze Roxx, one could see Jelusick helping Coverdale with the singing duties on Whitesnake‘s upcoming The Farewell Tour MMXXII and getting groomed to perhaps replace Coverdale in Whitesnake after that tour.

Dino Jelusick‘s “Dirty Blues” video (acoustic version):