Whitesnake Objects To John McCain Use Of Song At Campaign Event


November 4, 2008

The founding member of Whitesnake is objecting to John McCain’s use of the hair-metal band’s classic “Here I Go Again” during a campaign rally in Colorado on Tuesady.

“I must respectfully object to having my music misappropriated for a political campaign that I do not personally support,” David Coverdale said in an e-mail statement to RAW STORY, after hearing the song at a McCain rally broadcast on CNN. “I am delighted to add that this election is my first voting experience as a brand new citizen of the United States of America… I voted for, & fully support, the Democratic representative, Senator Barak Obama, & believe in my heart & soul that he will best represent these United States in the most profound & fulfilling way.”

Coverdale, a UK native, became an American citizen in March of 2007 after living in the US for 20 years.

The Whitesnake founder and lead singer joins a growing list of songwriters and entertainers dismayed at McCain’s misappropriation of their material. Others who have objected include Van Halen, the Foo Fighters, Jackson Browne, Frankie Valli, Jon Bon Jovi and John Mellencamp.

After the Republican National Convention, Heart asked the campaign to stop using its song, “Barracuda” to introduce VP nominee Sarah Palin. John Hall, the founding member of Orleans, asked McCain to stop using his song “Still the One”; Hall is now a Democratic congressman from New York.

Earlier this year, McCain said he would not play “Take a Chance on Me” by Swedish pop group Abba, one of the GOP nominee’s favorites, because of concerns over expensive copyright fees.

Courtesy of rawstory.com