Whitesnake Part Ways With Guitarist Doug Adlrich

Whitesnake Part Ways With Guitarist Doug Adlrich

May 9, 2014

Whitesnake and guitarist Doug Aldrich have parted ways after an eleven year partnership.

“Thanks to my big bro David (Coverdale) for such a killer run together!! So many songs, tours, projects, always inspiring and pushing each other,” said Aldrich. “Mostly I was to thank the loyal Whitesnake Choir and fans around the world.You have been so amazing to me and it’s been an honor to play for you with Whitesnake. I love you guys and I’ll see you all again. Thank you so very much for your unending support.”

Aldrich first joined Whitesnake in late 2002, when frontman David Coverdale resurrected the group after a five year hiatus. Together the pairing released two studio albums, 2008’s ‘Good To Be Bad’ and 2011’s ‘Forevermore’. Just last year Aldrich released a reunion album with his old band Burning Rain entitled ‘Epic Obsession’, however the guitarist doesn’t reveal whether they will now become his top priority.

“Not sure how or where the info started about a solo career, but this is not true or correct information,” continued Aldrich. “I have no plans at this time to go solo. I’m just not in the Whitesnake band anymore. I’ll let you guys know what I’m doing ASAP, but for now please know I very much appreciate your support and will hopefully do a statement with my ‘brutal brother’ David Coverdale shortly.”

It was Coverdale himself who started the rumors of a solo career, by stating on Twitter, “It is with a heavy heart we bid adieu to super guitarist Doug Aldrich who is leaving Whitesnake to pursue a solo career. What an incredible journey we shared together. I celebrate the amazing time we spent together, writing music and performing. I had the best of times with him.”

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