Whitesnake Reissues ‘Slip’ And ‘Slide’ In June With Extras


April 22, 2009

Re-releases of Whitesnake’s Slip Of The Tongue (20th anniversary) and Slide It In (25th anniversary) albums are now planned for second week of June 2009. Both are the combined CD / DVD type now favoured by EMI and come in nice digipaks. Goodies are listed below, and certainly the Slide It In release will be welcomed by collectors wanting the US mix. DVD content is also generous, with a mix of promos and live tracks. Both discs can be pre-ordered at dpas mailorder. Whitesnake’s previous remastered editions are still available at dpas mailorder.

An expanded edition of their recent studio album Good To Be Bad is also planned. So if you’ve bought it twice, be prepared to cough up a third time.

Slide It In CD has: both US and UK mixes of all tracks plus one live song (20 tracks total). DVD has: Guilty Of Love, Slow An’ Easy, Love Ain’t No Stranger (all promos), Guilty Of Love (Donnington 1983), Love Ain’t No Stranger (Live: Starkers In Tokyo), Give Me More Time (BBC TV Top Of The Pops 19/1/84), Love Ain’t No Stranger (Live… In The Still Of The Night).

Slip Of The Tongue CD has: album plus Now You’re Gone (US Remix), Fool For Your Loving (The Vai Voltage Mix), Slip Of The Tongue, Kittens Got Claws (Live At Donnington 1990) DVD has: Fool For Your Loving, Now You’re Gone, The Deeper The Love (all promos), The Deeper The Love, Sailing Ships (Live: ‘Starkers In Tokyo’), Judgement Day (Live… In The Still Of The Night), Slip Of The Tongue, Kittens Got Claws (Live At Donnington 1990)

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.deep-purple.net