Whitesnake release video for “Comin’ Home” from ‘The Purple Album’

Whitesnake release video for “Comin’ Home” from ‘The Purple Album’

Whitesnake came up with a surprise for their fans on Christmas Eve by releasing a video for the song “Comin’ Home” which appears as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the band’s The Purple Album, which was released back in May 2015.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of The Purple Album:

“You got to hand it to David Coverdale. In the last decade, the man is the epitome of class when it comes to his CD releases. It seems that every release from Whitesnake in the last decade always comes with lots of extras in the form of an extra DVD or an extra CD, a magnificent CD booklet and usually very cool artwork or covers. Talk about getting value for your money! The Purple Album is no exception with a beautiful CD booklet outlining Coverdale‘s detailed and interesting story behind the record — I won’t spoil it for you, just go buy the record — as well as a very cool looking CD cover and of course a bonus DVD (for the deluxe edition) including four new videos.

All of these extras would be wasted if Whitesnake were unable to deliver some great music. However, Whitesnake have hit a home run with The Purple Album because the album rocks from start to finish while taking you on a journey in rediscovering some under appreciated and sometimes relatively unknown Deep Purple classics from the band’s Coverdale era.  I readily admit that I was not that excited when I heard that Whitesnake were going to re-record Deep Purple songs dating 40 years or more, and especially since those were from when Coverdale was in the band. As it turns out, my lack of excitement was simply due to my lack of knowledge about some of the great songs that Deep Purple came up with during Coverdale‘s time in the band.”

Whitesnake‘s “Comin’ Home” video:

Whitesnake – Comin’ Home

Merry Christmas to all!From The Purple Albumhttps://whitesnake.com/album/the-purple-album/Never Ending Thanks to @PurplesnakeChannel for the video, and Laure…