Whitesnake Working On Several Projets Including Acoustic Best Of

Whitesnake Working On Several Projets Including Acoustic Best Of

August 17, 2013

Whitesnake Working On Several Projets Including Acoustic Best OfDespite being in existence for over thirty years Whitesnake are showing no signs of slowing down. Founder and frontman David Coverdale recently confirmed that the band has several projects in the works, including an acoustic best of release that will feature some new material.

“I bought back three projects from EMI that previous executives didn’t particularly support that I feel confident we can remix and add all kinds of solid, interesting content — video, live recordings, alternate mixes, etc,” Coverdale tells Melodic Rock Fanzine. “‘Restless Heart’, ‘Into The Light’, which we found a wealth of unreleased, unfinished material, plus we documented the whole project on video… an expanded ‘Starkers In Tokyo’… rehearsal footage and a recent interview with Adrian Vandenberg and myself. Also, solid live recordings from what I thought was ‘The Last Hurrah’ tour in ’97. Doug Aldrich and I are working on arrangements for a really fresh acoustic ‘Best Of’ with some new songs.”

Since the release of their last studio effort ‘Forevermore’, winner of the Sleaze Roxx Fan Voted Top 20 of 2011, Whitesnake have delivered the live albums ‘Live At Donington 1990’, ‘Made In Japan’ and ‘Made In Britain – The World Record’. Currently the band, who have suffered through several line-up changes over the years, consists of David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich (Burning Rain, guitars), Reb Beach (Winger, guitars), Michael Devin (bass), and a returning Tommy Aldridge (drums).

“I love working with Doug. It’s relatively effortless,” continued Coverdale. “A very gifted musician and producer Michael McIntyre, our other brutal brother is an essential part of the creative team. Part of my future plans will be to do more intimate concerts, similar to ‘Starkers’ where I can truly interact with the crowd, smaller venues. Of course, if we can get promoters interested. It will be a refreshing change for me from doing my ‘Lord Of The Jungle’ chest beating rock shows that people know me for. With our own studio and current technology, there is nothing we’ll be unable to do, to be honest, streaming live shows. Showing the band recording. I’m embracing new technology to the max, as long as we can maintain the artistic integrity I feel is necessary to our work. Make the digital domain work for us, rather than the other way around. I have always wanted to do a blues/soul album as a tribute to the masters who so influenced me through the years, but in my own style, not simply recreating the originals. That’s a definite. Oh and a killer revamp of “My Generation” that I’ve wanted to kick arse on for decades!!”

After spending years at the mercy of record label executives, Coverdale is relieved to finally be able to perform on his own terms. “The really wonderful thing is now I don’t have to go knocking on corporate doors to ask for their blessing, as I had to do for most of my career. It’s a new world and I am grabbing it by the short and curlies. My partner at Frontiers (Records) have been fully supportive of my hopes, wishes, dreams and ambitions and I have no doubt we’ll have some wonderful, creative and successful adventures together these next years.”

The entire Melodic Rock Fanzine interview with David Coverdale can be viewed at issuu.com/frontiers_records.

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