Sebastian Bach reportedly not wanting photographers to take photos of him at his shows

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Sebastian Bach reportedly not wanting photographers to take photos of him at his shows

At many concerts, it’s been a long standing tradition that certain passes are granted to photographers to take up close photos of the artists and/or bands performing live, with the photos eventually getting published and providing additional exposure to the said artists and/or bands.

Sleaze Roxx noticed first hand former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach‘s apparent disdain for photographers at his concert in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in November 2016 when it stated in its review:

“The evening started a little oddly with one of Bach‘s apparent guitar technicians coming up to the stage to announce that Mr. Sebastian Bach would be hitting the stage soon before announcing some rules and regulations. Aren’t we at a rock n’ roll show? The rules and regulations were kept to a minimum and consisted — from what I recall — of not being allowed to take photos or videos over your head when in the first two rows and absolutely no fighting. One can certainly understand the latter rule. We were also told that there were many people that had signed up to do the meet and greet with Bach and to meet at the merchandise table 45 minutes after the show. In addition, Bach‘s band members would be at the merchandise table signing whatever we wanted them to sign after the show. The guitar technician went on to tell seemingly a bit of a fib as he warned that people in the first two rows would get wet so if you wanted to avoid that, best to go back a few rows in the general admission area. I was standing in the second or third row from the stage in the general admission area and did not see any water or liquid ever going into the crowd aside from Bach tossing a few water bottles to people he likely knew in the general admission area. I can only conclude that the guitar technician advised the crowd that people in the first two rows would get wet to discourage them from taking photos from the first two rows.”

Sleaze Roxx contributor and photographer Christopher Carroll also recently received information about Bach‘s dislike for photographers as the former posted on Ignite The Scene‘s Facebook page yesterday (with slight edits):

“Thursday night in Virginia.

Anyone going to see Sebastian Bach at the State Theater? Its a good place to see a band and it’s rarely OVER crowded.

– I was thinking of going to shoot the show so I could finally get some GOOD shots of him (M3 this year was where I got the best ones so far but he seemed to purposely lean his head down hide his face behind his hair the first 3 songs, when photographers can shoot photos)

– BUT, I was informed that he does not want photographers shooting photos of him….. and that he’s even had venues pull photo passes that were already approved beforehand.

… He’s bitched several times about photographers taking photos of him from the photo pit…. where they take photos of EVERYONE. He thinks they’re creating unflattering shots of him….

He could allow a few photographers to shoot from side stage!

He could also have photographers sign a contract giving him approval of any shot published but…. whatever.

Just wondered who all IS going as I may!”