Wicked Smile release video for track “Daze of Delirium”

Wicked Smile release video for track “Daze of Delirium”

Aussie rockers Wicked Smile consisting of lead vocalist Danny Cecati, guitarists Stevie Janevski and Dave Graham, bassist Glen Cave and drummer Jason Tyre have unveiled a video for their track “Daze of Delirium” from their debut full-length album Wait For The Night, which was released on October 14, 2021.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in one of its two reviews for Wait For The Night:

“Performance wise, the band is extremely tight and the rhythm section of Jason Tyro on drums and Glen Cav on bass, provides the perfect foundation. The guitar work from Stevie Janevski and Dave Graham is fantastic, and what more can I say about Danny Cecati’s vocals that I haven’t said already. Recording wise, the songs all sound big and in your face thanks to the great work of Paul Laine and Bruno Ravel.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the tracks on this album, and even though most of the song structures are the same and the riffs are recognizable, it probably assists the albums likability by making it familiar to the general listener. Make no mistakes, the songs on Wait For The Night have purposely been written to be commercially friendly, even if they retain a fair bit of edge. If you are a fan of simple straight up heavy rock that is meant to be played loud, then this album is definitely for you.”

Wicked Smile‘s “Daze of Delirium” video: