Wild America release video for title track from debut album ‘Gasoline’

Wild America release video for title track from debut album ‘Gasoline’

Wild America consisting of lead guitarist Billy DiNapoli, lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Labbadia, bassist John Gallicano and drummer Jason Northrop have released a video for the title track from their debut album Gasoline, which was released via Kivel Records back in October 2018.

The group’s “Story” on its Facebook page states:

Kivel Records have unveiled a new group by the name of Wild America who released their debut album on October 19, 2018.

“With all the stress in day to day life. With all of the current fighting on the political stage. You’re right , I’m wrong, vice versa. So lets change the channel today and tune out that noise by cranking up some tunes!

Get your Gasoline from Wild America!! Arena Guitar Driven Rock is alive in well in the good ol’ USA with Wild America!

Simply put, plugged in, cranked up and just going for it is what you get from this CT band. We’re not going to make any comparisons to who they may sound like or are influenced by. We will leave such comparisons up to you. All we will say is, ENJOY!”

Wild America‘s “Gasoline” video:


Wild America “Gasoline” Gasoline Kivel Records Directed by Jon Santos / Rock Life Studios Filmed at Poor Richards, Chicopee MA Model : Fabiana Car Provided by : Rick Moody There is nothing trend setting about this. No flavor of the month or the “in” thing flavor of the month.