Wild Freedom release video for new single “Trapped In Paradise”

Wild Freedom release video for new single “Trapped In Paradise”

Spanish rockers Wild Freedom have released a video for their latest single titled “Trapped In Paradise.”

Wild Freedom‘s “Story” on their Facebook page indicates (with slight edits):

Wild Freedom is a hard rock and metal band founded in Barcelona on 2010 by Ian Wilde (vocals), Adryen Rock (lead guitar) and Chris Charrest (drums). After years of shows and changes on his band members and style, they finally found their own sound when Dave Starblitz (bass) and Jimmy Q (rhythm guitar) joined the band. Wild Freedom was ready to publish its first studio album ‘Set the Night on Fire‘ which was released in March of 2017, and published by the record label ‘The Fish Factory‘. That allowed Wild Freedom to show their music and message to the rest of the world.

With their first studio album published, it was time to bring their show to people around the world. They played shows with bands like Riot V, Bonfire, Hardline, Ankor, Zenobia, Ankhara, Dynamite, Stop Stop, Animal Drive, and many more.

Wild Freedom also wanted to play their music out of the country, so they embarked on their first international tour in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in the fall of 2017. This allowed them to make a tour in Russia and the Republic of Crimea, playing a total of 12 concerts, in which there was great feedback from the Russian public.

Wild Freedom wants to expand their creativity and make new songs, so they recorded three new songs in November of 2018. ‘We Rule The Night’ was their first new single, released in February of 2019. ‘Keep The Fire’ is their second new single, released in May of 2019. With the third new single released, they continue composing for their second studio album.”

Wild Freedom‘s “Trapped In Paradise” video:


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