Wild Frontier Debut “It’s All Over Now” Music Video

Wild Frontier Debut “It’s All Over Now” Music Video

April 9, 2012

Wild Frontier are back with the release of their fifth full-length album called ‘2012’, and the first music video from the album for the song “It’s All Over Now”.

On ‘2012’ you will receive all the trademarks of the band — catchy hooklines, great ambitious guitarwork, and a bombastic production by Bob Jensen.

The title of the album is ambiguous. One reason is ‘2012’ is the combination of the birthday of Jens Walkenhorst, frontman of the band. In Germay they count the date first with a day and then with the month — so his birthday is December 20th. This combination is ‘20.12’. The second reason is the apocalypse, which is scheduled for the 21st of December 2012. The song “Another Lonely Day Without You” is dedicated to this event.To record the new album took them more than two years. All the songs were recorded by themselves under supervision of Bob Jensen.

It also seems to be a tradition for Wild Frontier to introduce a new drummer on each album. On their fifth album they introduce Sascha Fahrenbach and his brother Nico, two musicians on drums. They joined the band during the recording sessions. In the live line-up Sascha Fahrenbach will be the second guitar player.

For more information on Wild Frontier visit www.wildfrontier.de.

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