‘Wild’ Mick Brown to be replaced by his brother ‘Mild’ Steve Brown for The End Machine’s follow up album

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‘Wild’ Mick Brown to be replaced by his brother ‘Mild’ Steve Brown for The End Machine’s follow up album

Lynch Mob, KXM, Sweet & Lynch, The Ultraphonics and occasional Dokken lead guitarist George Lynch was recently interviewed by long-time Sleaze Roxx contributor Ruben Mosqueda for KNAC.

The End Machine consisting of Dokken alumni Lynch (on guitar), Jeff Pilson (on bass) and ‘Wild’ Mick Brown (on drums) along with Warrant frontman Robert Mason released their debut self-titled album via Frontiers Music Srl back on March 22, 2019. Prior to that, Lynch, Pilson and Brown had combined forces in T&N, which featured a number of guest vocalists on the band’s lone album released back in 2012.

With respect to whether there will be a follow up album from T&N, Lynch indicated (with slight edits): “Well, T&N evolved into The End Machine. We are working on the second The End Machine record. Jeff [Pilson] and I just finished writing the songs for the record, Robert [Mason] will be working on vocals, melodies and lyrics. We’re bringing in ‘Mild’ Steve Brown [laughs] who is the brother of ‘Wild’ Mick Brown, who as you know is retired. Steve is wonderful, he’s younger and he has that same ‘Wild’ Mick personality and he plays in the same style! He plays just like his brother! [laughs] It’s amazing! On the new The End Machine album we went more Dokkencentric, which is what the label requested. The label is Frontiers [Records], and they wanted something that was a little bit more geared towards the Dokken sound. When you hear it I think you’ll agree that we were very successful in achieving that.”

You can read the rest of the interview with George Lynch by Ruben Mosqueda at KNAC‘s website.

The End Machine‘s “Leap of Faith” video:

T&N‘s “Slaves To The Empire” video: