Wild Talk release debut single “Lips That Kill”

Wild Talk release debut single “Lips That Kill”

UK rockers Wild Talk consisting of former Dextress guitarist Mark Janz, drummer Alex McArov, bassist Charlie Murray and lead vocalist Jax Rock have released their debut single “Lips That Kill”.

The “Lips That Kill” track artwork was done by Audrey Herbertson.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx that will be published in the near future, Janz was asked about Wild Talk‘s nod to Mötley Crüe‘s track “Looks That Kill” with their debut single “Lips That Kill”. Janz replied:

“Again, the phrase kind of came to mind. I think it was around the time that ‘The Dirt‘ had just come out on Netflix and Mötley was back in my mind a bit more then in previous years, and “Looks That Kill” was one of the big featured songs in it. I don;’t know how but one day, I was just thinking about lipstick so I wrote that down and it happened to coincide with lyrics and things that I had already been working on and some riffs that I had gone with. So it was a match made there. I do like that you picked up that it is a bit of a nod to Mötley. I like to think that the embrace of that early Mötley is in there for sure with our music. We just capture it and do it a little bit different.”

Wild Talk‘s “Lips That Kill” single:

Wild Talk‘s Road Head Ep. 1 (London, Nottingham, Derby July 2023) video: