WildSide’s debut album ‘Under The Influence’ reissued via Bad Reputation Records

WildSide’s debut album ‘Under The Influence’ reissued via Bad Reputation Records

WildSide‘s cult favorite / debut album Under The Influence is being reissued via Bad Reputation Records. The record was first released via Capitol Records in 1992. The reissued album can be ordered directly from Bad Reputation Records.

Track List for reissued Under The Influence:
01. Hang On Lucy
02. So Far Away
03. Monkey See Monkey Do
04. Just Another Night
05. Looks Like Love
06. Lad In Sin
07. How Many Lies
08. Hair of The Dog
09. Heart ‘N Soul
10. Kiss This Love Goodbye
11. Clock Strikes

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in June 2019, former WildSide guitarist Benny Rhynedance was asked about the possibility of Under The Influence getting remastered and re-released with some bonus tracks to which he replied:

“There’s was talk a few years ago with Capitol/EMI, but they consider it ‘dead catalogue’ and won’t license it out at all. Why? Because the cost to produce it outweighs the possible sales — meaning a limited buyer audience. They don’t give away anything the way the music biz is now. Besides that, there are so many bootleg versions of the debut online claiming to be a remaster, or bonus version, limited edition etc. It’s mindboggling. All garbage. Low bit rate mp3 files on Amazon or iTunes, CD box sets, digital downloads. None of it is legit.  All CD sets in tin boxes are illegal copyright violation bootlegs from Euro sellers.”

WildSide‘s “Hang On Lucy” video:

Wildside – Hang On Lucy 1992 [Best Audio Quality]

Wildside – Hang On Lucy OFFICIAL video clip with the best audio in Youtube and lyrics !!LyricsStandin on the corner, looking like some Hollywood queenSellin’…