Wildstreet to release new studio album ‘Wildstreet III’ in spring 2019

Wildstreet to release new studio album ‘Wildstreet III’ in spring 2019

Its been a long time coming but New York sleaze rockers Wildstreet will be releasing a new studio album Wildstreet III in the spring of 2019.

Wildstreet frontman Eric Jayk states in the group’s IndieGoGo campaign promo video:

“2019 will be the biggest year ever for Wildstreet and we’d like you to be there with us. Our new full-length album Wildstreet III will be out in early spring. Pick the best seven songs out of eight years worth of material. 2019 will being Wildstreet‘s first tour in Europe. The tour will include dates in Germany, the U.K. and Belgium. This is Wildstreet 2019. We want you to be there. Please visit our IndieGoGo campaign page for all the details how you can get involved and be there with us.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its concert review of Wildstreet‘s performance at the M-Pre Party in Columbia, Maryland, USA in early May 2018:

“The surprise of the night was definitely Wildstreet. I wasn’t familiar with the group’s songs aside from the ones that I had posted in various Sleaze Roxx articles in the last few years including the new single “Raise Hell.” Wildstreet frontman Eric Jayk definitely looked like a rock star. He had a huge set of died blond and blue hair. He was quite thin but muscled and reminded me of a shorter Michael Monroe. Jayk even addressed the M-Pre Party crowd by stating something to the like, “Bet that you’ve never seen people like us before?” Joining Jayk on stage was a brand new cast from the ones that had appeared on the group’s debut self-titled album.

What set Wildstreet apart from the rest of the groups at the M-Pre Party was the amount of energy that they seemingly put out on stage. You had four very excited young band members that were really into it and then Jayk who commanded attention with his rock star look. It was simply very hard not to get into the group’s set with the great performance that all the band members were putting forth on stage. Both my friend Rich Dillon and I agreed that Wildstreet were very impressive. There wasn’t that much interaction between Jayk and the crowd but that really wasn’t necessary with such good songs and great stage presence. I also got the opportunity to meet the friendly Jayk who I had interviewed back in early 2017 and pick up the group’s two albums — the self-tiled full-length album (2009) and the EP Wildstreet II …Faster …Louder (2017). Overall, I thought that Wildstreet delivered the best performance of the evening.”

Wildstreet‘s The Best Year EVER! 2019 promo video:

WILDSTREET – The Best Year EVER! 2019

Our Indieagogo Campaign Launches 1/3/19. Please visit to subscribe and join us for the Best Year Everhttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wildstreet-iii-tour-e…

Wildstreet‘s “Poison Kiss” video:

Wildstreet – Poison Kiss

from the EP ‘Wildstreet II..Faster…Louder’http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wildstreet-ii-faster-louder/id411137302www.twitter.com/wildstreetwww.wildstreetm…