Winger drop video for new single “Tears of Blood”

Winger drop video for new single “Tears of Blood”

Winger consisting of lead vocalist / bassist Kip Winger, guitarists Reb Beach and John Roth, drummer Rod Morgenstein and keyboardist Paul Taylor have unveiled a video for their latest single “Tears of Blood” from their new studio album Seven, which was released today (on May 5, 2023) via Frontiers Music Srl.

Track List for Seven:
01. Proud Desperado
02. Heaven’s Falling
03. Tears of Blood
04. Resurrect Me
05. Voodoo Fire
06. Broken Glass
07. It’s Okay
08. Stick The Knife In And Twist
09. One Light To Burn
10. Do Or Die
11. Time Bomb
12. It All Comes Back Around

In a recent interview with Andrew Daly for Metal Edge Mag, Beach indicated the following about Winger‘s new album Seven: “Well, for starters, it took freakin’ forever. But Kip Winger had a vision, and when that happens, we see it through until the end. The way it works for me is that I come in with stuff and show it to Kip, and when he hears a specific thing, we run with it. I mean, look, everyone knows I’m the ’80s guy, so the riffs I’m offering up aren’t anything alien. This stuff is true to what I’ve written with Kip in the past; they’re very progressive and totally sound like Winger being Winger.

Kip is really into the classical symphony thing, but we’ve made it heavy and super grandiose. Aside from that, Kip‘s voice is amazing, and I think he got some great solos out of me. I will say that this time around, Kip‘s lyrics are very intense, which made for this super intense record. This isn’t like the first Winger record; it’s way more profound than that.”

Winger‘s “Tears of Blood” video: