Winger hint at release of new studio album ‘Seven’

Winger hint at release of new studio album ‘Seven’

Winger consisting of lead vocalist / bassist Kip Winger, guitarists Reb Beach and John Roth, keyboardist Paul Taylor and drummer Rod Morgenstein have dropped a strong hint that their new studio album Seven is coming soon as it appears that the group has just unveiled the new album cover earlier today.

In an interview with Sam Wall back in January 2023, Roth indicated (as provided by Wall):

Winger VII, it’ll be out on Frontiers (Record Label) in May or June, we don’t have a release date yet. 12 songs on the album, one song’s a pretty big surprise.”

“There’s always a, to me at least, there’s always a song on a Winger album that comes at you from left field. Like on Karma, we did a blues song, Kip [Winger] and I co-wrote a song called “After All This Time”. On Better Days Comin’, the title track “Better Days Comin’”, it’s kind of funky, and it’s fun, and it’s different from Winger. Winger’s a pretty heavy, darker band. So there’s a song on this album that’s very different for the band, which is cool.”

“And it’s meticulously produced and recorded, tons of layers of background vocals. It’s heavier lyrically maybe. All of Winger’s records have a heavier overtone because the guitars are tuned low. It’s just more aggressive, and there’s a little bit of a progressive flair on one of the songs. But I think people are gonna really enjoy the album, I hope it’s well received.”

Winger‘s last studio album dates back to 2014’s Better Days Comin’. Sleaze Roxx stated as follows in its review of that album:

Better Days Comin’ fits well alongside the classic Winger discography. It’s not an album full of filler, like so many bands have released over the last 15 years or so, instead all the songs are very well written and most could be successful singles. 2013 was the best year for hard rock and metal in a very long time, and Better Days Comin’ continues that trend of great music being released by the legends from the ’80s. It’s a sign of great things to come, and proof that indeed, better days ARE coming for all of us hard rock and heavy metal fans!”