World video premiere of Madman’s Lullaby’s single “In Your Mind” via Sleaze Roxx + mini-interview

Photo courtesy of Michael Brandvold Marketing & Management

World video premiere of Madman’s Lullaby’s single “In Your Mind” via Sleaze Roxx + mini-interview

Photo courtesy of Michael Brandvold Marketing & Management

Sleaze Roxx is pleased to host the world video premiere of Madman’s Lullaby‘s first single “In Your Mind” from their upcoming EP Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1, which will be available via MR Records on May 27, 2021. California, USA based rockers Madman’s Lullaby consist of frontman Chris Michaels, lead guitarist Mr. Brett, drummer Eric Arbizu and bassist Luis Barillas.

Track List for Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1:
01. Love Rain Down
02. Next Show
03. Drive Me Crazy
04. Love Don’t Come Easy
05. In Your Mind
06. Never Too Late

Madman’s Lullaby‘s “In Your Mind” video:

Michael Brandvold Marketing & Management‘s press release indicates in part:

Madman’s Lullaby has released their debut single “In Your Mind” from their upcoming album “Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1” to be released worldwide on MR Records on May 27th.

You can stream and purchase the “In Your Mind” single and the EP “Nocturnal Overdrive Part 1” at:

MR Records is excited to announce the new album release from  US rockers Madman’s Lullaby titled “Nocturnal Overdrive 1“. This is Madman’s Lullaby‘s fifth album and the second on MR Records. This album lives up to its name big-time full-on hard rock… just how it should be. Nocturnal Overdrive will certainly rock your soul. – Peter Hoffmann, Director MR Records

“In Your Mind” was the very first song written for Nocturnal Overdrive. The song has always had such a great flow to it, so we had to sneak it into the live setlist at some select shows. The crowd response was enough to tell us, this song deserves to be the first single. We can’t wait to get back out to share all the songs with everyone” – Madman’s Lullaby

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Michaels was asked what Madman’s Lullaby had been up to since the release of their last album Sins of Greed in 2017 to which he replied: “2018 was pretty busy. Mainly promoting Sins of Greed in the Hollywood/LA, Bay Area, and Sacramento areas. 2018 also saw us visits Chicago, Denver, and a fall tour through the UK. 2019 was also business as usual out having fun and supporting the Sins of Greed CD. However the main focus was writing for a new record. 2020 like most, we were largely shut down because of Covid. That however gave us time to record the Nocturnal Overdrive CD. Fast forward and here we are…”

In terms of how the Nocturnal Overdrive EP title came about, Michaels stated: “Mr. Brett came up with that one.” Mr. Brett added: “It’s not from a specific inspiration, but often times, I have lots of ideas and other crap bouncing around in my head… especially at night and that’s kind of how title came about.”

On whether Madman’s Lullaby fans can expect a Nocturnal Overdrive Part 2 EP in the future, Michaels indicated: “The music industry has changed so much in recent years. The old model of release an entire album is not the only way today… The key is to always be releasing product, to always be active. And two EPs allow us to extend how long we are active. The second release should be out sometime late summer/early fall.”