‘Worst Of’ Dirty Looks Tracklisting Revealed


April 28, 2009

Dirty Looks Europe reports that the first ‘best of’ Dirty Looks is coming out this Spring/Summer ’09. This two CD set, titled “The Worst Of Dirty Looks”, will include all or most of your favorite tunes in a cool package with lyrics. The CD will span the period from ’84 through ’94 with 31 tracks like “Five Easy Pieces”, “Back To The Marseilles”, “Blue Tequila”, “Dead White and Blue” and many more from independant LP’s and rare live recording never released.

Worst Of Dirty Looks Tracklisting Revealed

CD1:01/ Blue Tequila02/ Falling Down03/ Fool For You04/ Point Of View05/ Trip The Light06/ Loveless07/ Cool From The Wire (live)08/ L.A. Anna09/ Five Easy Pieces10/ This Way11/ Speed Queen12/ Go Away13/ It’s Not The Way You Rock (live)14/ Fang And The Love Pig15/ Let It Rain

CD2:01/ One Bad Leg02/ Turn Of The Screw (Who’s Screwing You)03/ Dude, Where’s The Money04/ Liquid Crush05/ Take What Ya Get06/ Oh, Ruby (live)07/ Back To Marseilles08/ Violence In Blue09/ Give It Back10/ My Shallow Grave11/ Nobody Rides For Free12/ Fuck You, I Want More13/ Lamb’s Breath14/ Dead, White And Blue15/ In Black & White16/ The Last Forever

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.dirtylookseurope.com