XX Bad Boy’s ‘Fire In The Hole’ gets released via Demon Doll Records 24 years later

XX Bad Boy’s ‘Fire In The Hole’ gets released via Demon Doll Records 24 years later

Demon Doll Records / Metal Legacy Records have released XX Badboy‘s Fire In The Hole album 24 years later.

Demon Doll Records‘ website states (with slight edits):

“A note from Demon Doll Records CEO Lance V.

“I must admit when the band and album for XX Badboy came across my desk, I was a bit skeptical as I had never heard them before (thank you to our all mighty A&R guru – Shane for getting it to me). Unsure as to what I would hear I eagerly awaited the first notes to blare through the headphones…What almost blew my ear drums out was nothing short of amazing. I do not use this word lightly. Yes, I can tell you we have had a fantastic year and sales are through the roof for 2017 (and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that), but I have been waiting patiently to unleash this record onto the world for a few months now. The day has finally arrived and I could not be more excited to share this with you. It has everything a true Hair Metal fan could ask for. When I first heard it I thought, what does this remind me of? I instantly I thought of KIX with Tom Keifer/Dean Davidson/Blackie Lawless on vocals. It astonishes me how the major labels missed these guys. Not only can they fire off a rocker with the best of them (and I do mean the best of them) they also nail commercial ballads to the core. “Feel This Way” is one of my favorite commercial tracks on the record. Add to that the amazing song craftsmanship of “Shoot Ya Full O Love”, “All You Want Is Money” and “Little Loose Lucy” and again I am astonished the major labels whiffed on this one. If I were working at a label back in the 80’s, these guys would have been signed in 5 minutes.

I wanted to personally reach out to all our fantastic customers and Hair Metal fans across the globe and let you know this record from start to finish is simply fantastic. Every song on it is top shelf Glam & Sleaze Metal. I urge you to jump on this release as you will love it. We at Demon Doll are so happy to release it and feel to this point it could one of the best releases of the year. Please, enjoy it, crank it up and let it loose – this is the real deal.

The songs have been digitally restored and remastered by yours truly (and I was honored to do it) and the packaging comes in an 8 page booklet with a full set of lyrics.”

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Demon Doll Records.”

Track List for Fire In The Hole:
01. Shoot Ya Full O Love
02. Feel This Way
03. All You Want Is Money
04. Little Loose Lucy
05. Stood Up Again
06. See Inside My Heart
07. Sticky Situation
08. Stick To Your Guns
09. Ain’t Got Nuthin To Do With Love
10. Fire In The Hole
11. Love Is Like A Tattoo
12. Sex Junky