Yngwie Malmsteen’s former girlfriend suggests guitarist’s wife brainwashed him

Yngwie Malmsteen’s former girlfriend suggests guitarist’s wife brainwashed him

Andrew Catania of All That Shreds recently interviewed guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen‘s former girlfriend Tallee Savage who first met him in 1980 and lived with him in Stockholm, Sweden and in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1983.

Savage commented on how she helped Malmsteen when he first began his musical career as she stated: “Well, I was supportive of his guitar playing and music. I’m not sure other girls would have handled it so well haha… I mean, he played and rehearsed a lot. Like eight hours a day, sometimes more. I had to remind him to eat. My parents helped out a lot with food etc. We didn’t have any money, basically lived out of my ”student allowance.” We spent day after day and night after night making demos, writing the logo on them and I would sell them at my school. Promoted the ten concerts he did in Sweden by passing out flyers and hanging up posters. So much time and effort just to get 30-80 people to show up. But a few people came, the word spread and a few more demos were sold.”

Savage was asked whether Malmsteen not mentioning her in his recent autobiography was due to the guitarist’s wife April. Savage replied: “Yes, of course! Why would you write an autobiography about yourself and leave out interesting parts of your early life? Like who supported you, lived together, toured with, moved to the U.S.A with and lived under none-so-glamorous- circumstances in a horrible and dangerous neighborhood. With occasionally no food and no money. I wasn’t mentioned in that book for the same reason that his wife April tries to forbid me to come to his shows in Sweden, for no reason at all. We’ve never met, never had a dispute, never disagreed with neither her or Yngwie. It was just a decision she took in the mid 90’s that I should just be erased out of Yngwie‘s past. Just like his family in Sweden and old friends. It’s a shame.”

All That Shreds noted that it’s been reported that Malmsteen wife April is very controlling of his career and tries to erase anything that has to do with his former member(s) of Rising Force and you. Savage opined: “Nobody knows why April would do this. I do understand the part that he needed a new fresh start, a healthier lifestyle, a new path to follow. But there never was any reason to forbid him to have contact with some old friends and family. It’s beyond insecurity… It’s a controlling that went over to brainwash him.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Savage at All That Shreds.