Zakk Wylde Says Next Ozzy Osbourne CD “Due Out Early Next Year”


March 16, 2009

Christina Fuoco-Karasinski of LiveDaily reports that Black Label Society singer/guitarist Zakk Wylde said fans attending the first Black Label Bash with his band–as well as Dope and Sevendust, among others–can expect the unexpected.

“A lot of gay festivities, a bunch of gay parades, marches, riots,” Wylde facetiously said during an interview with LiveDaily. “God only knows how many births. We’re planning on a couple women breaking the octuplet record. The reason we’re doing this tour is to feed [Nadya Suleman’s] children. I rounded up the rest of the band, I’m like, ‘We have to do something for this woman and her children.’ It’s the Black Label Good Samaritan Tour. Totally.”

On a serious note, Wylde, who doubles as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist, said the tour was spurred by longtime friendships with Dope and Sevendust, and broken promises of playing together. The bash also features little-known bands, like Cycle of Pain, in the opening spots.

“We’ve known the guys for years,” Wylde said of Dope and Sevendust. “So we all finally got a chance to work together. The guys who are opening for us are up-and-coming bands. It gives them a chance to play in front of a bunch of people.

“I remember how hard it was when I was starting. Before I started playing with Ozz, we’d be playing the Stone Pony [in New Jersey] on a Saturday night in front of, like, eight people–three of the people were janitors, one bartender and two were our friends who didn’t pay to come in. They were helping us load gear. We want to give some other bands an opportunity. That’s what’s cool about the Ozzfest all the time, too. You might see this band Guns ‘N Roses you’ve never heard of before and just go, ‘Man, I saw them before the record even came out.’ It’s cool.”

The bash runs through the beginning of April (see below for details), after which Wylde, 42, will jump in the studio again with Osbourne to work on his new album.

“We started working on it already,” Wylde said of Osbourne’s forthcoming album, which, he added, is due out early next year. “When we got off the road, everybody went home and decompressed a little bit–we did, like, 16 months or something like that on the road–and went home.

“The kids all call me Uncle Frank again. Nobody knows who the hell I am. ‘Uncle Frank?’ ‘No it’s dada.’ ‘Whatever. Did you bring any presents?’ ‘Santa’s beard isn’t gray yet.’ But that’s how they know me.”

At any rate, he said, Osbourne and his band went in the studio and wrote about 15-16 tunes.

“After we get done with the bash, we’re going to go in the studio with Ozz and knock out a couple more songs and the album should be done. Then Ozz has to sing on it,” Wylde said.

In early 2010, Wylde said, Black Label Society will head out on an arena tour with Osbourne and another band to be named later.

“That’s what we’re talking about. We’ll see if it happens.”

In between Osbourne’s album and heading out on the arena jaunt, Black Label Society will record its follow-up to 2006’s “Shot to Hell.” To tide over fans, a compilation CD will be released later this year. Wylde said he mainly writes in the studio.

“You always get inspired when you get in the studio because the bottom line is, everything sounds good, the sky’s the limit, man,” Wylde said. “When you get in the studio, it’s like a Cracker Jack box–you never know what you’re going to get until you hit the bottom.”

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