Zakki Blakk releases debut video for song “Reckoning Day”

Zakki Blakk releases debut video for song “Reckoning Day”

Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA rocker Zakki Blakk has released his debut video for his fist single “Reckoning Day.”

Blakk‘s press release states:

“If you would have told me 10, hell, even five years ago that I’d be putting out music as a solo artist I would have laughed. But here I am, hot on the heels of releasing my debut single “Reckoning Day.” The name’s Zakki Blakk — sleaze metalhead addicted to and obsessed with all things rock n’ roll. As a self-taught kid who grew up with no music theory, I was extremely-self conscious about my voice and musicianship. But I’ve finally set out to release my brand of metal to anyone who cares. I don’t expect to make money and I don’t want to be famous. I’m in this strictly for the love of the art and to look back and say “I fukken’ made music”.  And that music is a combination of that modern sleazey edge I love, 80’s arena rock, both squealy clean & gritty unclean vocals, big guitars, and even bigger hooks. I’m not re-inventing any wheels here, and I wear my influences (literally) on my sleeve. They include: Bon Jovi, Crashdïet, ToxicRose, Sister, HIM, W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Motionless in White, Children of Bodom, The Cruel Intentions, and more. I write, record, produce, do video & artwork 95% by myself. I’ve got my upcoming album written and ready to record, so I hope to release some more tunes by the year’s end.  I hope someone out there in internetland digs it!!

Peace and love metal,


Blakk describes himself as follows on his Facebook page:

“This page is a repository for everything Zakki Blakk! Includes my professional and personal videography, music, photography, artwork, modeling, animations, & whatever else my brain shits out!

What’s up internet? You probably know me as Zak, Zakki, ZDB, or some other nickname variant. Thanks for checking out my page. If want to learn about me keep reading.

I like to create. I always have. Ever since I was young I reveled in this overactive imagination lodged in my skull. I can’t sit still. I possess an unrelenting urge to constantly be learning, creating, or designing something and I don’t know any other way to be. I just want to make and do cool shit before the sun explodes or mother earth sucks my body in. I want to create stuff that will hopefully make people happy, and if I’m lucky, outlive my mortal body. I constantly feel the need to bleed this brain’s imaginative wells dry through my video work, my metal music, my paintings, and my photography. I hope you dig it. And I thank you riding this train they call life with me. You’re cool.


Zakki Blakk‘s “Reckoning Day” video:

Zakki Blakk – Reckoning Day [Official Video – 2019]

Reckoning Day*Lyrics & Music ©2019 Zakki BlakkInstrumention, recording, production, artwork by Zakki BlakkAdditional drum arrangement by Justin Knecht – htt…